Demolition Permit Issued; Construction Plan Approved

June 16th, 2008 - We've scheduled demolition for the 18-20th, and have paid the village demolition fees and security deposits.

We've also gotten our construction plan approved and will pay the fees and deposits for that later this week.

Here are the particulars for those interested in such things.

Fees For Demolition Project: Building Fees

  • Site Development Review - $450
  • Demolition Permit - $225
  • Demolition Tax - $550
  • Demolition Inspection - $100
  • -------- Subtotal: $1325 -----
Public Works Fees
  • Water/Sanitary Inspection - $200
  • Road Cut Inspection - $100
  • Demolition Setup - $250
  • -------- Subtotal: $550 -----
Forestry Tree Preservation Fees
  • Tree Preservation Review - $100
  • ------- Subtotal: $100 ------

Security Deposits Held by Village to Cover Demolition Restorations (held until Spring-Summer of 2009)

  • Parkway - $400
  • Sidewalk - $1000
  • Site Grading - $1500
  • Street - $1000
  • Tree Replacement - $2000
  • Demolition Water Meter Connection - $500
  • Water Spray Account (prepaid) - $150
  • -------- Subtotal: $6550 -----

Total Monies to Village for Demolition Phase: $8575 (of which we expect to recover $6550 about a year from now).

The demolition of our home will cost $9100 and is being done by Phase 1 Excavation. So basically, it costs as much in fees and deposits as it does to actually knock done the house, dig out the foundation, haul away the spoils, and smooth the surface out so the surveyors can come and layout the new foundation markers!

When we pick up the construction permits I'll post the fees and deposits the village requires -- but for now we await the next step.

Here's a photo of our home I took yesterday from across the street. That's about $350 worth of perimeter fencing (materials + labor) that circles the trees near excavation points, and runs around the house to mark where the crunch-zone stops. I helped hang the fencing to save a few bucks and move things along quickly.

Just a piece of advice for anyone doing this in the future. It really seems to help if you personally interact with the village planning clerks and review engineers. They have a lot of 'equal priority' things on their plates and the only way we could keep our schedules intact was to go in and ask for status and then verify, verify, verify whenever something seemed to be dragging.

I believe we saved at least 3-weeks in getting approvals / permits by using the 'stimulus' approach to checking on progress. Don't leave this up to your G.C. because they are dealing with multiple home projects and cannot ask for 'special consideration' on every project!

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