House Vacant, Utilities Have Been Disconnected

June 6th, 2008 - All our stuff has been removed from the house, and the gas, electric, water, and sewer have been properly abandoned and inspected.

Monday, the 9th we'll be setting up the fencing for the demolition project and the tree's protection. Once the village inspector verifies the property is ready for demolition we'll pay the village for the permit and schedule the demolition within the next two weeks.

We hope to have the house down by the 25th of the month. Our main concern right now is that the village has been running behind on their on-site inspections (they downsized staff in anticipation of fewer building starts in '08).

We got our first construction plan feedback this week, which included just 9 minor changes to the architect's drawings. I expect that in two weeks all the project plans will have been approved by the village.

We are enjoying our new apartment; Stridey seems to like it here too. The adventure continues ....

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