Initial Reaction: Using the New LeapMotion 3D Controller

(posted 7/27/2013) - In a word, underwhelmed. The claimed resolution (1/100mm motion detection) doesn't seem to translate to the vague positional feel I experienced in trying to use one or more fingers to move an icon on the PC screen. I suspect there will be some interesting applications that come to market designed just for this little 3D-space controller, but the ones that came bundled for free were not particularly so.

The clincher for me that this was not ready for prime time came when I tried out Windows Touch, a free application that attempts to make your none touch sensitive PC screen act like your favorite touch appliance. Pretty much a failure -- there is a big difference between touching a solid surface and generating an event and moving your finger or waving your hands to achieve that same event. I would never use this as a substitute for a mouse or trackball.

So, after a couple hours trying this novel new UI out, I'd have to say it is an interface in search of an application at this point.

Here's a link to their website if you'd like to explore the product further.