Signs of Our Times

(posted 8/22/2020) - These two political videos strike a chord for me. I think they capture an essence of this moment in our national history.

Corporate capitalism and our US constitution have always been in tension -- it is my belief that personal freedom and right of expression are threatened as incorporated entities are allowed to operate unchecked, without independent oversite.

Over the last 35 years the US middle class has stagnated, losing ground as a relatively small number of people (thousands) have achieved unprecedented wealth and control over elected officials.

Corporations and privately held companies have had their externalities massively subsidized by state and federal government while avoiding appropriate taxation. This trend needs to reverse before our society is irredeemably damaged.

So, here are iconic videos featuring those who say they will drive change if elected to office. I want this snapshot to remind me of my current optimism as I look back from the future -- here is where we had a chance to change the arc of our society.