Every Society Has A Dark Side

(posted 12-9-2018) - Here's a YouTube video produced from footage taken of an American Nazi Party rally in February of 1939 (six months before WWII started with the German invasion of Poland). About 22,000 Americans jammed into Madison Square Garden to hear Fritz Kuhn deliver unabashed racial/cultural misanthropy with a garnish of nationalistic propaganda to flesh out the diatribe.

I cannot help but recognize that in any society at any given time there are a number of citizens who hold views that if expressed as action may lead to the destruction of that society's status quo. We are always in a dynamic tug of war against minds that lean towards empathy and free expression and minds that tend towards fear and suspicion of the "other."

Here's a link to the Washington Post article that contained the YouTube video. It is worth reading as a cautionary tale: Link is Here .

The thing that strikes me is how passionate and proud the folks in the video appear: They don't seem to realize how xenophobic is the belief system they are being invited to join.

Here is the YouTube video from the article.