Two Great Performance Video Mashups from YouTube

(posted 11/20/2015) - The internet has become an almost magical resource that allows one to time travel back and forth using the millions of recordings that are now available to the public at large (and the database is growing exponentially).

I'd like to share two YouTube mashups that I really love. The first is a collection of almost 70 movie dance scenes set to the iconic beat of Uptown Funk. I think it demonstrates that most of the athletic dance moves we see today were being done by folks a long time ago -- to music that had a distinctly different cadence and rythmn. Note this YouTube video does have an ad prefixed - which you can skip with a click of your mouse. Here is the YouTube Link .

The second is a mashup of Fiddler on the Roof and the modern classic You Got Served. It Rocks! Here is the YouTube Link .