I Love Weird Al Yankovic -- Latest Parody of "Happy" -- calls it "Tacky"

(posted 7/14/2014) -- So there is this new website called Nerdist.com that has some really cool media. It is a cross fertilization of Youtube, Mad Magazine, and The Onion.

Al Yankovic who for decades has been at the top of the song parody pyramid has done a great job producing "Tacky" which uses all the latest hip-hop techno-sounds (aka hardtune and megaphone effects) along with a great repeating chorus. He chose this time to post it only on Nerdist; and they are seeing the benefit in increased page views I'm sure.

I don't know how long this link will remain active, but it currently takes you to a video page on Nerdist.com with a great 4 1/2 minute video tune called Tacky - which is a parody of Pharrell Williams' Happy!

I'll bet you cannot resist tapping your toe and snapping your fingers while this video runs. The lyrics are catchy too!