Satire Works for Me -- The Tea-Party's Anthem in a Video

(posted 1/6/2014) - My first post of the new year is to make fun of so very many angsty Tea Party Patriots out there (you'll know if you fit the arch-type based on your reaction to the embedded video).

I'm personally much more interested in seeing the US economy continue to dig itself out from under the private sector debt overhang of the 2008 financial markets catastrophe than I am in worrying about reducing Federal safety-net programs in 2014. And no, I don't think we're on a path to spend our grand-kids into indentured servitude because of Federal budget overruns -- thank you very much!

Just to be objective, aka fair and balanced, I've included a link at the end of this post to another Tea-Party endorsed anthem sure to warm the hearts of all United States of America loving patriots out there who incongruently loath the concept of a Federal Government (that's the United States part folks).

Here's a reduced run-time version of the youtube video (lyrics and performance by David Ippolito, aka, the "Guitar Man of Central Park.") called the Tea Party Anthem - I Want My Country Back.

I grabbed the above content from this youtube video ...

Here's a link to the Original Tea Party Anthem -- pretty snappy tune and good performance, I must say. Lots of interesting comments under the youtube video too.