A Socially Distanced Back Yard Bubble Fest

(posted 5/31/2020) - Kat, Arya, and Tyrion came over today and played outside in our backyard while we sat on the porch. I took a few photos of them: Kat had a really cool giant bubble maker and Arya was intent on chasing down bubbles.

I made a Microsoft WMV movie from the pictures which I've linked to here . You will need a WMV player on your viewing platform. If you don't have one installed there are free aps available for every OS. Sorry, I just didn't feel like converting for YouTube users.

PS - I just found this CDC breakout chart of US deaths from COVID19 through June 17th. It seems to confirm the consensus that children and young people are far less likely to die from an infection than those over 50. What the chart does not imply however is that infection rate varies across age groups, nor does it imply that children are less contagious than any other cohort.

One theory (as yet unverified) is that becoming symptomatic is directly correlated to viral load (density of viral component in body). If true, then children would have a lower transmission rate. But, exposure time counts too - so adults constantly exposed to an infected child could become ill as viral load accumulates in the adult.

So, it is important to social distance out-of-doors, and wear masks in-doors to reduce transmission. It's good common sense practice!