A Video Collage from Jon and Pat's Most Excellent Adventure - September 2019

(posted 10/10/2019) - So Pat has been wanting to visit the Churches, Farms, and Graveyards of her Scandinavian ancestors on her father's side (Great-Grandfather Norway, Great-Grandmother Sweden) for several years now. With the passing of Tommy Two-Shoes we found ourselves free to schedule a 10-day visit this September.

It was a great visit, and Pat posted a somewhat detailed itinerary of our travels (with pics from here smartphone) in real-time on her Facebook pages.

I however, just took photos with my little pocket digital camera. When we got back I distilled the pictures down to those from our Hamar 3rd floor First Hotel Victoria window; our Mellbystrand cottage and the seaside; downtown Oslo around our Clarion Hotel Folketeateret; the Viking Museum in Oslo; and our Oslo Fjord tour by sailing sloop.

Hope you enjoy the mini-tour. As always, the music is my own composition - lyrics, and performance. Use the video controls to make it full screen if you like.

PS -- I have screen-grabbed the bulk of Pat's Facebook postings and created a PDF file with images/text from our most excellent adventure right here. So if you don't have facebook access, you can get content from our webserver.