RIP Tom the Dog

(posted 6/25/2019) - Tom the Dog, age 10 yrs, 2 Months, and 4 days passed away quietly at his home this morning. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

He was with family when he passed, having walked into the backyard under his own power 15 minutes before his death. He had become weak but was still fully alert and engaged (barking at the mailman the day before). Over the last two days of his life he declined going on our daily walks; instead sitting by the front door with my wife when I went out. He was there to greet me with a tail wag when I returned. Now he is still, but in my heart and mind he will always be waiting for me to pull out the leash so we could 'see what the world has to offer' on any given day.

Tom is survived by his sibling Jack who lives just a few blocks from our Daughter's home. I hope I get a chance to sit with Jack soon and tell him how much I enjoyed the 9 weeks that he and Tom spent livening up our household in 2009.

Those of us lucky enough to have a canine friend receive more love than we probably deserve. Even though a dog's life is relatively shorter than a human's they live their lives with such focus and fervor that I think it all evens out in the end.

With love from all of us to you, Tom Bombadil (aka Tommy Two Shoes, aka Texas Tommy Two Shoes, aka Tom the Dog) by these names we will remember your loving, willful soul. And a smile slowly forms even as tears crowd the eye - Silence, Peace, your thread is complete.

Jon and Pat Wallace