Video from an 8mm Movie Film - Kids Winter 1982

(5-3-2019) - I have lots of 8mm movies that have been gathering dust from the 50's through the early 80's (before we all switched to cam-corders and later smart-phones). Recently I bought an inexpensive 8mm movie scanner and started digitizing the film frame-by-frame (its automated).

The scanner generates 720x480 DV quality images from the 8mm film at 2 frames/second. The original 8/super8 cameras used 16-18 and 22-24 frame rates so basically a 3 minute reel takes about 30 minutes to scan. Then the MP4 file has to be edited to look and sound decent; so add a typical 30-45 minutes on top for adding 'modern' scene transitions, backing-track music, titling and such.

Here's an example of the kind of video produced in about an hour (definitely a labor-intensive act of love). I uploaded this as a 640x480 WMV file onto YouTube. It is a 3 minute movie of Matt and Kathy together the winter after Kat was born (so video is from very early '82). Sweet kids; Matt was a perfect big brother and Kat was a great little sister.