Casey, IL: WEIU Does This Is Our Story Segment

(posted 4/3/2018) - Tell and Pearl (Wood) Hurt raised their five children near Casey, IL. Zola (Hurt) Delp, Earl Hurt, Doris (Hurt) Sweet, Janice (Hurt) Wallace, and Phillip Hurt all lived in and around Casey for many years after their children had started families of their own.

WEIU (Eastern ILlinois University) has done a number of in depth This Is Our Story segments on nearby towns depending heavily on story tellers and documents provided by family members from each town. Casey is a particularly interesting example of growth of communities around the terminus of the Cumberland Trail in east-central Illinois.

Here's a link to the WEIU website with video recordings of the Casey story-tellers talking about the history, growth, and current day life in Casey. Lots of good historical photos are included in the video segments.

In particular Loistel (Delp) Summerville is interviewed and provides pointers to lots of the Casey Library family histories as well as historical photos. Loistel's portion of the video starts at 3:15 in the Part II video.

It's worth watching -- and if you are interested many of the surrounding towns have also told their stories in separate interviews accessible from WEIU's website.