Just Returned from Visiting Pat's Aunt Arline in Cali

(posted 11/18/2015) - Had a very nice time in Dana Point, CA this weekend. Pat and I flew out on Friday and returned Monday. We did an AirBnB in Dana Point and spent Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon visiting with Pat's Aunt Arline (on her Dad's side of the family).

I plan to add to this post, but wanted to put up a little YouTube video I made from Pat's smart-phone. We went on a nice coastal tour of Dana Point on Saturday ... hoped to see some whales, but enjoyed the seals and dolphins a lot. Beautiful day, sunny and 70's with a nice sea breeze. The boat even had a bar! We were well entertained.

Here's the embed to the video Pat took; the music is my composition so there are no royalty conflicts :) You should probably click the full-screen option to see the critters more clearly.

In the spring of this year we were in Vero Beach, FL and went on a 1 hour cruise in the Indian River Channel where we also saw dolphins (bottle-nose I think). Here's a link to that video if your interested in contrasting these two very different tribes of dolphin.

I've added another video embed which is a photo collage from our weekend visit. Also, as a note, the music track is me blues-riffing on my Gibson. I do actually still play now and then. Enjoy ... Jon