Enjoying Some New Sound Gear

(posted 3/3/2014) - I've been adding some new sound gear of late -- I started back in May of 2013 with a digital looper which allowed me to easily build up multi-instrument recordings (one stereo track, but you can do unlimited overlays). Then in October of 2013 I got a Midi-controlled 4-voice harmonizer so I could actually do harmonies with myself in real-time. Now that's a lot of fun.

The next big step came in December when I got an analog chord-controlled 2-voice harmonizer which allowed me to sing harmonies while playing my guitar. I could now use either Midi keyboard or guitar and sing along in real time with nice harmony.

But wait --- it gets even better ...

Early this year I sprung for a voice controlled synth which enables cool stuff like Hard-Tune, Voice-Pitch shifting, and classic guitar VoiceBox vocoding. Very potent effects when used with a little restraint.

To top things off last week I got an MXL 990 condenser mic, with isolation mount and anti-pop screen; which is much more sensitive than my Shure SM56 dynamic mic (though the latter is a great performance microphone).

So now I've made a few instrumental and voice recordings (I'm basically a freestyle Jazz lover and all my music is miles away from top 40 pop). Still, I very much enjoy making my music. If you're curious I invite you to take a listen -- just click on the MP3 player button in the upper right hand corner of this website's home page and you can listen to a small collection of tracks I've put down. If you like it and want more just go to this site's Media Library where you can click on individual songs I've created (listed on left side of page under My Music).

I'm hoping to buy a nice digital multi-track recorder after we get the basement remodeled (that's where my 'studio' is gonna go). Got my eye on a Zoom R24, but might settle for an R8 and save a couple of hundred. At this point I'm still having fun just laying down music over one stereo track.