Enjoying the Summer!

(posted 7/5/2013) - Well, summer's definitely here -- weather in the Glen Ellyn area has been great. Enough rain to make everything grow like crazy, and yet days are clear and pleasant for the most part.

After turning 65 I did the Medicare Baseline physical and found my blood pressure was up (140/80) and my cholesterol (triglycerides high, HDH low) was running over 200. Also, found out I had what is known as a frozen (right) shoulder which I started noticing symptoms of in late November. Happy to announce that my BP is now averaging 105/65, and I've dropped 15 pounds. I'm supposed to go back for a follow on blood draw to check cholesterol levels in September - but I'll be very surprised if it isn't back in a good range.

I switched off of beef, pork, dairy, cheese, white-flour, and high sucrose products (including all such drinks), and went to fish, nuts, berries, fruits, veggies, and oat-based breads and cereals. Oh, yeah, also started taking daily 1 oz 'dose' of 72-88% cocoa based dark uncooked chocolate. Been feeling much better circulation wise (no tingly toes and fingers after sleeping). Reduced calories by 25% has stabilized my weight at 185.

The frozen shoulder was treated with 6 weeks of 2 times a week therapy (they basically twisted my humerous in the joint to break lose the adhesive scar tissue around the capsul tissue in the joint). I've been doing stretching and strengthening exercises 3 times a week since March to try and retrieve my old mobility level.

I'm generally feeling healthier and am looking forward to improving my well being over the summer and fall!