Visiting the Wallaces in Round Rock, Texas

(posted 3/7/2013) - I flew down to visit Matt, Holly, and Payton end of February, staying 5 nights. Daughter Kathy was also able to fly in from Seattle and stayed 3 nights.

We had a great time getting together; Payton has gotten so much bigger and is walking everywhere now.

As an additional plus the weather in Round Rock reached daily highs between 65 and 80 degrees which sure beats Chicago and Seattle weather this time of year.

I made a 22 minute video of my visit; but have put this shorter 2 minute clip up here. It is in Windows Media Video (WMV) format and can be viewed by clicking on the image. It's less than 30 MBytes and should load quickly on most internet service connections.

I've loaded the longer video version onto my Tablet so I can show it to my mom when I see her tomorrow. She loves watching her great-granddaughter growing up before her very eyes, which is one benefit of the modern digital age (facebook, skype, internet video and small digital recorders).

Thanks Matt and Holly for being such good hosts; and as always Payton and Rudy the Dog were great fun.