I've turned 65 ...

(posted 12/16/2012) - Reached the big 65 this year (Dec 14th). Probably the biggest transition was moving off of my rather expensive retirement (group) health plan and onto single payer Medicare + Mutual of Omaha plan G Supplemental. Pat and I spent many an hour reading online information and then talking with agents (United Healthcare Service, Blue-Cross Blue-Shield, and Mutual of Omaha) before making our initial decision.

I got some really nice swag for my B-day! Jan treated me to Ki's Steakhouse and Seafood in GlenDale Heights. Pat bought me a 15-bottle selection of Euro-wines (France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal + Argentinian Malbec). Kat got me an Amazon gift certificate which I usually consume buying e-books; and Matt and Holly got me 5 really nice golf shirts which will see lots of action on the local links (I've upped my play to 2-3 times per week).

Feeling a bit older in that I'm noticing what I think is bursitus (rotator cuff pain) in my right shoulder when I throw overhand. It doesn't affect my golf swing. I'm also carrying 35 extra pounds around but my 2013 resolution is to shave half that by mid-summer.

All in all I'm pretty happy with my world right now. Looking forward to Christmas and the new year!