Payton's Halloween Honey Badger Costume is a Hit

(posted 11/5/2012) - Holly posted a cute video of Payton in her 'Honey Badger' Halloween costume on Facebook. I couldn't resist editing that video into a remix of Randall's popular video 'The Crazy NastyAss Honey Badger' and the 'Honey Badger Swag Rap'. Hope you enjoy it (I know I do).

Click on the image to download a 27MByte wmv (windows media) video file. It will open your PC's media player and play as an 854x480 pixel video - run time is a bit over 3 minutes.

Honestly, I don't think Payton's a mean 'ol Honey Badger; but she sure looks like she's enjoying herself scooting around the floor in her HB costume .... Honey Badger don't care!