Our Kids Visit Us Over Labor Day

(posted 9/13/2012) - Matt, Holly, Payton, and Kathy were in for a week over the Labor Day Holiday. Pat and I really enjoyed having the house full of 'kids' and a very special grand-daughter!

We all also went to the Hurt Reunion held in Kankakee this year. Though hurricane Isaac threatened to cause rain across Illinois that Sunday, it turned out to be very pleasant by the river (no mosquitoes) with pleasant breezes offsetting the humidity. Pat and I took lots of pictures and some videos. Payton and I enjoyed a beautiful day in our backyard. She liked wiggling her toes in the cool grass. Tom enjoyed having someone sit in the backyard with him, and I enjoyed them both!

This summer has been great because the dry weather has suppressed the mosquito population effectively. We've spent a lot more time in our backyard and at local parks as a result.

Here's a link to a video I took of Payton, Jan, Pat, and Tom. It's a 40Mbyte SWF file that will try and open a new viewing window.

Payton and Tom spent a lot of time on the floor together (supervised -- so Tom wouldn't lick her all over). They got on famously, with Payton really enjoying grabbing for Tom's tail, and hugging his furry body whenever possible. Tom loved it!

Phillip and Patsy flew in Saturday and stopped by for a visit. Payton and Patsy spent some time getting to know one another. They drove down to the reunion the next day, and then visited with us again Monday morning before flying back to Houston. It was good seeing them.

If you'd like to view an extended video interview (30 minutes) I did with Phil and my mom at the Hurt Reunion, go to the Hurt Families website (http://jonandpatwallace.com/hurtfamilies/).

Matt and Holly left Payton with Pat and myself while they attended the wedding of one of Matt's closest friends who lives in Chicago. Holly left fullsome instructions for the care of miss Payton, who cooperated by eating, sleeping, pooping, and playing right on schedule. We were able to report that our grand daughter was fast asleep when the kids got back from the wedding party.

While she was visiting Kathy went with us to the dog park and was actually able to entice Tom into chasing after a stick. With us he usually just walks along casually, but he seemed to want to play with Kat and acted much more like an actual retriever than usual.

We really enjoyed hosting the kids, seeing Phil and Patsy, and going to the reunion. Family gatherings always seem to be happy times, and after everyone leaves the house seems a bit empty the next day.