Tom Celebrates His 3rd Birthday (a Week Late)

(Posted 4/29/2012) - The Pantaleons were able to bring Jack over for Tom's Birthday Celebration this Sunday. We all sat on the patio while the dogs played in the back yard.

They boys got treats and lots of running time -- Tom got a special chewey-bone gift after Jack went home to finish off his birthday.

Here are a couple of photos I took (the first is of Jack and the 2nd is of both dogs). They are individuals, but also share a lot of common genes as evidenced by these pics.

A special thanks to the Pantaleons for taking the time to bring Jack over for a play-date with Tom. This is the 3rd year Matti and the girls have helped us celebrate Tom and Jacks birthday together.

Here's to many more birthday celebrations over the coming years! To view either image full size just click on it.