Payton Blair Wallace Makes Her Movie Debut

(posted 1/12/2012) - I flew down to Round Rock to visit my new grand-daughter last week. Also got to visit with Rudy (the dog) and the kids. They were pretty busy being new parents; but I think it suits them. Payton is well loved.

Here is a movie I made yesterday from video I shot during my visit, as well as from some stills that Matt and Holly took with their digital SLR camera. The file is a streaming video in SWF format -- which will open a separate window and play when you click on the the icon image. It's about 4 minutes in length and shows Payton at 3-weeks and counting...


PS - 2/6/2012 - Matt forwarded this link to a youtube video of Payton playing in the baby jungle-gym my Mom got for them.

Here's the link: youtube video of Payton at 6+ weeks.