Visiting Susan Bodett's Home

(Posted 9/11/2011) - We shared a wonderful afternoon and a great dinner with Susan Bodett, her sister Sharon, their mother Fran, and Susan's close friend Jane (and husband Rich).

We took Tom along for the afternoon, and were delighted to find that Susan's 8 year old golden retriever Mocha and Jane's 9-month old english retreiver Denali were quite happy to entertain him, as the accompanying photos attest.

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Susan's backyard is particularly striking, especially considering that she did all the landscaping herself! The three dogs alternated between racing around the shrubbery, playing tug-of-war with various chew-toys, and lying about under the shade trees.

Susan prepared a gourmet meal with garnishes and tomatoes picked from her window-garden. A delicious glazed ham provided the main course. Carrots, sweet and scalloped potatoes, cheese sides, croissants, and red and rose wines completed the main fair on a well-set table adorned with a hand-made Irish Linen cloth!

The dogs came inside and sat under and around the table while we dined; and were perfectly behaved (surprisingly). We all enjoyed good conversation and a very tasty dessert that reminded me of a cross between Tiramisu and a coffee-ice cream cake. The coffee was fresh and strong, a perfect end to a perfect meal.

Thanks for having us Susan, we had a great visit!