Jon, Pat, and Tommy Drive to Round Rock Texas

(Posted 5/1/2011) - We just got back from a 10-day sojourn in Texas. Matt and Holly moved to their new home in Round Rock in late February. Since Matt's birthday is April 28th, we thought we'd visit and celebrate his 33rd.

We really enjoyed our visit and also made a day trip down to Houston to visit my uncle Phil, aunt Imogene, and their daughter Ally. They live just off University Avenue next to Rice University (neighboring homes).

Our 2-year old Labrador, Tom, was a perfect passenger, and managed to sleep all the way down and back. He and Rudy really enjoyed each other's company and played non-stop in the backyard. I'm sure both will be missing each other now that we're back home in Glen Ellyn.

On our return leg we stopped overnight at Jerel and Betty Blair's (Holly's parents) just outside Memphis, Tennessee. Tom and their dog Ranger were totally at ease and enjoyed an evening and morning walk together before we hit the road for the drive home.

Matt's birthday was fun -- he got a new grilling set, a toolbox, and some new sockets and wrenches. He's building up his tool-set now that he's a real home owner (their previous Condo had a maintenance guy so this is a change from city livin').

I think the pictures tell the story -- lots of pleasant days, with good conversation, and hours spent catching up on news. The 2500 miles we put on the car were pretty much painless (though some Texas drivers need to learn that the left lane on the interstate is for passing -- and not for driving side by side with their neighbors).