We Celebrate Tom the Dog's 2nd Birthday!

(Posted 4/17/2011) - Today was Tommy's 2nd birthday. He has lived with us since he was just under 6 weeks old.

We invited the Pantaleons to bring Tom's brother Jack over to visit again this year. The two dogs picked up playing where they left off last year -- instantly recognizing one another.

Pat thought to grab the video camera so we actually got some nice video and photos of the boys playing. It was a beautiful but cool day -- and the boys were full of energy. I'm sure they will both sleep well tonight after playing so hard.

We celebrated with dog treats for the dogs and iced cupcakes for the humans. Though to be truthful both dogs seemed much more interested in our cupcakes than in their treats. I've actually sampled the molasses, peanut butter, and bran snacks they got, and think the dogs may not have appreciated the flavor and quality of their rewards. However I know Tom figures anything we eat must be better than what he's been given.

The birthday video is a Shock Wave Flash (SWF) file of about 39MB, so you may want to click on the adjacent image and go get a cup of coffee while it downloads.

Happy birthday Tom and Jack -- we hope you both have many more birthday parties in years to come!