Home Alone -- We Left Tommy and Went to a Restaurant Today!

(Posted 3/20/2011) - First day of spring, and to celebrate we left our 90 lb. Lab Tommy at home by his lonesome for the very first time while we went out for a nice meal at Danby's Station in Glen Ellyn.

Tom is almost 2 years old (April 14th) and has been increasingly 'trustable' as our kids would say. So, today we decided it was time to take the plunge. I loaded up a Kong with peanut butter and a hard treat; we put on our jackets and gave Tom the treat with a gentle admonishment to 'take care of the house while we're gone.' This is human speak for don't trash the place over the next hour.

But, to our delight, much as Rudy's first time alone in the Condo when he was just a tad past two, Tom was waiting patiently at the door when we got back. A quick inventory of the downstairs and upstairs didn't show any missing, mauled, or re-ordered items so it appears Tom is in fact a 'trustable' Labrador.

Our baby's growing up! You can click on the image for a full-size view.