Jan Wallace Moves to Wheaton, Casey Home Sold

(Posted 8/9/2010) - This April my 90 year old mother decided she wanted to simplify her life by moving out of her home and into an apartment. The obvious choice was to move to a place near us (in Glen Ellyn, Il). Pat and I looked at several upscale apartment complexes within a few miles of our home and made a recommendation to my mom in early May.

We moved her into The Willows of Wheaton end of May (renting a truck and moving her just before Memorial Day).

I went back down in June and began preparing her home for sale. I contacted Linda Stoneking of Central Realty and we decided to show the house without cleaning / upgrading the interior. I offered prospective buyers a $2K discount for paint/carpet.

I then spent 3 days cleaning out the house, leaving several larger pieces of furniture, the appliances, window treatments, and a whole lot of books, kitchen implements, clothes, and sundry items (plus a garage and two storage sheds full of 20 years of stuff). Linda began showing the house.

Within a week Linda had a prospective buyer. The buyer in fact wanted the appliances and window treatments (which meant I didn't have to remove them!). After a quick negotiation we agreed on a price contingent on the results of a professional house inspector's report.

The inspection identified plumbing, electrical, and concrete work that needed to be done (yes, my mom lived there for 20 years and the house was sound, but these days buyers do have the upper hand). My mom and I agreed to issue a small credit (less that $1K) to the agreed upon sale price.

At the end of July I drove down to Casey for the final clean-out activity of the house, garage, and sheds. Three days later it was all done. In particular:

I invited the Casey Auction House team to take all saleable glassware, furniture, and miscellaneous items from the house -- in return they moved several heavier, unsaleable items to the curb for me.

I took the clothes to Dan Smith's charities drop-off. I distributed canned goods and miscellaneous items to families that could use them (including my `70 Hodaka Dirt Bike).

The piano went to a family with three kids who were taking piano lessons (that was one heavy piano, it took 4 of us to load it).

I hired a refuse hauler to come to the house and we loaded lots of stuff into the truck to be taken to the Effingham Land Fill.

Several of my mom's neighbors, my cousin Loistel, and my uncle Phillip took pity on me and graciously took the remaining 30 bags of garbage I had on hand. By early evening Saturday, July 31st, the house was ready for final walk-through.

Pat and I drove back down to Casey the next week, and on Friday morning August 6th I closed on behalf of my mom, selling her home of the last 20 plus years in Casey. I think that selling a home in this buyer's market in 2-months is nothing short of miraculous and give much of the credit to Linda Stoneking; a practical, competent agent who kept moving things along. Thanks Linda!

My mom says she is really enjoying her new life style; it is certainly a lot easier to visit now that she's just 4 miles away. Also, our son Matt enjoys seeing his Grandma (and Kathy who comes in from Seattle on occasion can now say hi to her Grandma while she's in town). I think my mom moved at just the right time!

All of my mom's relatives and friends have an open invite to come and visit her at the Willows of Wheaton. She's got a big apartment with plenty of room for company (nice daybed couch in the living room and a separate guest half-bath).