Kathy Wallace Graduates from University of Washington

(Posted 6/14/2010) - Kathy graduated with honors from the University of Washington last Saturday. She received a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology.

We flew in for her graduation and enjoyed celebrating with her and Nate. The graduation was in the Huskies Stadium outdoors -- hosting 5000 graduates and approximately 25,000 family and friends!

Click on the image to open a video (swf) file of Kathy' matriculation at U of W. Please note that the file is almost 40Mbytes long and depending on your browser and bandwidth you may have an appreciable wait for the file to download and then play!

Kathy is now working at the law firm Lane Powell in downtown Seattle. We visited her Friday and also went out to lunch at a nearby restaurant. Way to go Kat!

Since I failed to archive my previous news about Tom's 1st birthday celebration -- that news has been overwritten. However, I've placed a link to the video of Tom and Jack playing together at the birthday party Here . So, all is not lost! Tom was very happy to see Pat and I when we got back this Monday morning.