Two Birthdays in Casey

(Posted 11/11/2009) - Pat and I drove down to Casey last week to celebrate her 61st and my mom's 90th birthdays (Nov 5th and 7th respectively). It was a lovely bright, warm weekend. We got my cousin Lisa (once removed) to sit Tom while we all went out to a nice restaurant in Paris, IL Friday night.

Martha, a friend and neighbor of my mom's stopped by Saturday morning with a nice birthday cake -- which we enjoyed with ice-cream later in the day.

The kids got their mom and grandma nice gifts. Loistel talked to family and friends so my mom got a few dozen birthday cards in the mail ... much to her surprise!

Here are a couple of pictures I took. One with the cake Martha left and the other of Tom fast asleep under the table. He has been growing a lot and at 7 months is almost 80 pounds.