Jack Goes to His New Family

(Posted 07/27/09) - Jack the 14 week old Labrador has now moved to his permanent family. We fostered Jack (Hoover) with our Tom Bombadil until his 'pack' was ready to receive him.

Just 9 weeks ago, we left Whistling Winds Labs in Indiana with two very tiny, very precious pups.

Tom (black) and Jack (red) have taught us that two are a lot more than twice one, and we are actually looking forward to connecting more closely with Tom as Jack bonds with Lou, Mattie, and the girls. They've grown a ton...adding about 27 lbs each.

(That's Tom on the left, Jack on the right.) I'm sure both Tom and Jack (not to mention Jon and I) will have some moments of angst as they start their separate lives, but we're sure they'll do fine. Jack's taking some favored things with him.

We'll miss him, but we're sure he'll bring all the warmth and love that Labs can bring to the Pantaleons...and that he'll be back for the occasional play date with brother Tom! He's a great little guy, take good care of him!

Jon made a 4-minute video of the dogs a few days before Jack left. It is a 10 MByte WMV format file that should play on any Windows PC. Just click here to view the pups playing in our backyard.