Sean, Anju, and Aanya Visit Us in Glen Ellyn

(Posted 7/2/2009) - Last Sunday Sean and his family were in town visiting his dad. They stopped by for a few hours to see our new home and meet the puppies. Jon got to meet Aanya, Sean and Anju's 10-month old daughter. She got to meet the pups who fell in love and wanted nothing more than to lick her all over (though they were constrained from this endeavor to some degree by Jon). Aanya loved the dogs and was very calm with them, while obviously enjoying their attentions.

As it happened Matt, Holly, and Rudy the Bassedor were on hand, having stayed the night before. We all had a great time watching the dogs in the backyard (Rudy has become quite the retriever).

We ate Danby's Carry-out around noon and got current on events in everyone's lives. It was a very nice get-together.

Here are a couple of photos Jon took; click on a picture to see the full size image.