Pups at 10 Weeks - Going Strong

(Posted 6/24/09) - Pat and I have been babysitting 24/7 for over 4 weeks now. The puppies have more than doubled in size and are able to run almost as fast as us. I've been taking them walking every morning at Lambert Lake, a shaded, tree encircled 3-acre pond less than a mile from our home. I take them off leash and walk around the pond. They have also learned to walk behind us on their leashes -- so it is actually fun to take them out around the neighborhood when it isn't too hot.

We still keep constant vigil (meaning one of us is always in sight of the dogs) so that they don't get into mischief. They will eat / chew up anything at this point and many a hand-clap and stern NO has been used to keep our tables, chairs, carpet, and baseboard moldings intact.

Current plan is to transfer Jack (Hoover) to his owners when he is 15 weeks old. I think he'll be ready to move to his new pack by then.

I made this 3 minute movie of the dogs with my digital camera (low resolution mode) to show how much they've grown. The clip is 7 megabytes long and is set to stream at 340 kb/s. It should work for anyone with basic broadband service.

Click to view the Microsoft WMV format video. If you're at all interested, the background audio is an mp3 of me jamming with my old '64 Gibson accompanied by a Casio Synth. If you are a glutton for punishment you can link to some of my other compositions at the bottom of the tech-page entitled E-MU 0404 PatchMix DSP ASIO Driver Fix. Hope you enjoy the video.