New Pups in the Wallace House

(Posted 5/26/09) - We visited the Whistling Winds Farm in Russellville Indiana on Sunday to look at some 5+ week old black Lab puppies. We found two we really liked and bought them both! We are fostering one of the puppies until the end of July, when he will move in with his permanent family (friends of Pat's who asked us to find them a dog).

So, we now have the equivalent of two babies in the house. We have been tag-teaming the night shift, since really young pups operate on 2-3 hour cycles of sleeping, waking, pooping, drinking and eating, then running around.

Matt and Holly drove down to Casey with us Friday afternoon. We stayed with my mom, while Loistell Summerville graciously provided a place to sleep for Matt and Holly.

We all had an enjoyable get together Saturday. Loistel, Mike, my mom, Matt, Holly, and I went to Marshall's Old Gringos restaurant for good food and conversation (Pat stayed home to sit Rudy, Matt and Holly's dog). Then in the evening my mom, Matt, Pat and I went to Richard's Farm (Holly sat with Rudy).

Sunday morning we drove to Russellville to look at the pups. The dogs were both excellent travelers. Once we got back to my mom's everyone took turns taking care of them. We were pleased to see that Rudy took to the puppies and was a very good 'big brother' to the little guys.

The kids decided to stay at Grandma's over Sunday night (they slept in the living room) so they could be with the puppies. They also took turns getting up with the little guys and taking them out to wet and poop.

Here is a video Matt took of the two little Labs (temporarily named Red and Blackie according to their collar colors). We will name them officially in a week or so as their names become apparent to us.

We are busy as bees again and there is definitely a 'prescence' in the house (actually two of 'em).