Living in Our New Home

(Posted 01/31/09) - We began living in our new home January 16th, 2009. We completed moving out of our apartment Tuesday the 27th. At this point we have only a storage bin (10x15') in Naperville to clean out and we will have all our belongings under one roof again!

It's great to be home again -- if you'd like to read about our saga (7 months from tear-down of our old home to moving into our new home) click here. Our project journal documents every phase of our new home's creation -- along with lots of in-progress photos.

We love our new house and believe the effort was definitely worthwhile. This was not something I would have attempted pre-retirement - Pat and I were on site every day and took responsibility for ordering and coordinating installation of many items (eg. all cabinetry, counter and vanity tops, mirrors, all appliances, ceiling and wall fixtures, paint, and floor coverings (hardwood, tile, and carpet).

The result is that we now have a house that is as we envisioned it. This structure is of our creation; from basement footings to king-rafter, and from the placement of every window, to the selection of each piece of trim-molding. It is an expression of our tastes and dreams ... did I say how much we love our new home?!!!

There is still lots to do -- I suspect our home will occupy the bulk of our thoughts through out 2009. We have to do wall hangings, window treatments, area rugs, landscaping, fencing, ... well you get the idea.

It has been (and continues to be) a fun experience. We are glad we took the plunge.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of the living room (one from the loft showing the morning sun, the other in the evening lit by firelight).

Post-Script (2/17/09): Yesterday we got our window treatments installed -- the shades and vertical blinds are great. Just before the installation I took a video of the main living areas on the first floor, Pat's office, and our Master Bedroom. Still a work in progress with the home decor, but here's a brief tour (these are 4Mbyte AVI format files so I don't recommend you try these links unless you have broadband ... :-)

Main Living Area Tour

Up the stairs to Pat's Office

Loft Area and Master Bedroom