Kathy Visits Us in Glen Ellyn

(Posted 03/17/2008) - Kathy flew in Monday the 10th from Seattle for a short visit. We drove down to visit my mother in Casey that afternoon, returning to Glen Ellyn Wednesday afternoon.

Kathy flew in to O'hare Airport at 6AM. She said she had a week with no work and thought it was a great time to visit. She is transitioning from Cowgirls, Inc. to a bartending job at Central Saloon just a block away.

As Kathy put it, "I'm just getting too old for the hectic life" (doing the choreography and teaching the dancers at Cowgirls). She said that Central was more of a traditional 'rock bar' with nightly bands and no dancing. She will be the weekend bartender.

Kathy is applying for several local publisher internships offered in the Seattle area. She is currently a monthly contributing author and staff editor at Dlist Magazine in Seattle. She feels that this is the time to begin devoting more energy to writing / editing.

Kathy especially wanted to visit my Mom because she had not been able to see her at Christmas. Kat made a beautiful Photo Scrapbook for Jan and also brought a digital picture frame with photos from a recent Cancun vacation (Feb 2007). My mom loved seeing all the photos and reading the hand-written captions.

After catching up with family news Monday, we spent Tuesday visiting the local restaurants and doing a spot of shopping.

For lunch we drove to Marshall and ate Tex-Mex at The Old Gringos. Kathy said their enchaladas were great. We all enjoyed our food (Tostados and Enchaladas). We then headed over to the Walmart's Super-store just a couple miles north of town. It's amazing how they pack all the things a person might want to buy into one store.

That evenening my mom, Kathy, Loistel, and I ate at Richard's Farm. We got there around 7:40PM and had a leisurely dinner. We ended up closing the place down -- we were the last patrons in the restaurant when we left. It was a great opportunity to catch up.

Just a side note. Loistel is walking like a young person now. Her knee surgury was 110% successful!

Kathy, Strider, and I drove back to Glen Ellyn on Wednesday. In the mean time Pat had gotten tickets for herself and Kat to see Othello at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre at Navy Pier. They drove into the city, ate at Charley's Ale House (our regular haunt when we're at the Pier), then enjoyed the play.

After the play they went to The Pub (an adjacent bar) and mixed with the Othello cast. All in all a very nice evening for the gals.

Thursday morning Kathy and I left for the airport at 5:30AM. Kathy was back in Seattle by noon. Nothing beats living 20 minutes from an international airport!