Jon and Pat Do Texas

(posted 11/20/07)- We drove to Dallas Texas to visit Matt and Holly last week. The weather was great the whole four days we visited. The Uptown neighborhood where they live is a wonderful area with great stores, restaurants, pubs, and tree-lined streets that make walking a pleasure. We very much enjoyed seeing their city.

Our dog Strider cut his foot on the second day we were there while wading in the water near a Dallas off-leash dog park. We were pleased to find the Hillside Clinic so close to the park - and even happier with the treatment they provided. Stridey was back in action within a few hours (though he had to have his cut bandaged).

Matt and Holly were perfect hosts -- take a look at the picture sets for Dallas and Fort Worth in our travel-slides webpage to see some of the places we visited.

We also enjoyed watching several games in high-def format on their 56" screen DLP TV (in the photo there are two TV's 'cause Matt brought out the set they normally keep in the bedroom so he could keep track of two games). We got to watch as Illinois unexpectedly trounced Ohio --- go Illini!

Matt and Holly kept us well entertained, and also well fed with steaks, Pei-Wei carryout, delicious soup, and multiple rounds of brownies fresh from the oven.

When Matt and Holly had to go back to work, we headed down to Houston to visit my Aunt and Uncle (Imogene and Phillip) and their daughter Ally, who lives in the home next to them.

Shown above is Ally's home -- which she has been remodelling. It looks beautiful inside. We stayed with her while in Houston.

This is a photo of where Phil and Imogene live when they are in Houston. It was also remodeled by Ally and is equally beautiful inside.

While Ally was at work Phil, Imogene, Pat and I visited Galveston Island and a wonderful Houston 'bark-park' that was 20-acres in area, including swimming pools for dogs. We took Phil and Imogene's four dogs and Stridey and had a fun afternoon.

There are also pictures of our trip to Galveston on the slide-images webpage mentioned above.

Finally, since we're showing homes, I've included Phil and Imogenes 'summer' home in Martinsville, Illinois. When Houston gets too hot they pack up the van and head for cooler Illinois. Phil has got everything set-up so they can turn on their utilities upon return and enjoy catching up with their old friends and relatives in the area.

Sounds like the good life to me.