Pat and Kathy Bond in Britain for Two Weeks!

(Posted 5/30/2002) - Pat and Kathy have just returned from two weeks in the British Isles. They split their time between England and Scotland. I know they were actually there because between them they took over 400 pictures. Kathy loved Edinburgh, and partied mightily (as in all through the night)

Pat and Kathy were taken with Rosslyn Chapel which has been a focus of intrigue and religious mysteries. It is undoubtedly one of the more interesting places to visit. Since the chapel is still active, they got to see a traditional Scottish Wedding (kilts and all) while they were on the grounds.

Pat rented a car and put about 900 miles on it (without ever bumping into anything). She and Kathy visited all sorts of fun places, including a trip up to Loch Ness, and sight seeing across the Peaks District as they came south out of Scotland.

Kathy made lots of new friends, as well as receiving a couple of offers of marriage. I guess the Wallace name is held in high regard in Scotland. The Scots loved Kathy's weird (American) accent, she didn't even try out the great Scotish brogue that she uses at home all the time. Her email box was full of correspondence from her new friends in London and Scotland when she checked it upon returning to the US.

Pat was especially impressed with their stay in Bath. She took the Bath Bizarre tour and loved the mix of Roman / English architecture. The town is beautiful and deserving of its reputation as a plush resort area.

They both raved over the traditional rendition of Shakespear's Twelfth Night at the Globe Theater. Everything, costuming, music, and actors (all male) were faithful to the original production environment. They visited Stratford on Avon and toured WS's home and burial site. Apparantly the man was highly successful in his own time, rating burial inside the local church (only notables and royalty got that treatment).

They enjoyed visiting the Tower of London and surrounding grounds. The Crown Jewels are still there, looking just as beautiful as always. And Pat said it was less crowded than when she and I had visited previously.

Pat also toured the British Museum as part of a walking tour. She says it would have been possible to spend 5-days there without seeing anything twice. The columns and sculpture from the Greek Parthenon in the museum was breathtaking. These artifacts were purchased from the Turks when the Ottoman empire was still in control of Greece. Seems the Turks were grinding up the Greek marble columns for building supplies at the time, so the Brits got a good price (sort of like the Taliban blowing up the Buddist temple scultpure in Afganistan -- art is in the eye of the beholder).

Kathy bought so much stuff they had to buy another suitcase to lug it all back. Many of the purchases were made in Soho and West End in London. Kathy even got her hair cut in London. On the last night before their flight back Kathy hung out with two Morrocan break-dancers till 6AM -- Pat was starting to wonder if she'd be back in time for the taxi-ride to the airport at 8AM.

They both slept well on the 8-hour flight back. Apparantly Air India is a good carrier. The flights out and back were uneventful and there was a vacant seat between them that allowed them to stretch out and get comfortable. They enjoyed the food (choices of steak, fish, or chicken).