Rose Anderson Passes Away Febuary 6, 2006

(Posted 2/8/2006) - After she was diagnosed with acute kidney failure at age 83, already suffering from a chronic heart congestion condition, Rose chose in home Hospice care and settled in to die.

It took about a week. During that time we saw an amazing thing: Hospice nurses, aides, and administrative staff made the last days of life painless, dignified, and were filled with obvious love for humanity. If you are unfamiliar with Hospice Care, read on to hear one family's viewpoint.

Rose's daughter, Pat heard about hospice care for the dying and looked into it on the internet. She contacted Harbor Light Hospice (their web page is here). Please take the time to visit the site and read about their charter and services.

Bottom line -- this is the way to die with dignity and with people who care about you standing by to help you and your family. When a patient has reached a point where they no longer believe there is hope of a cure for their ailment(s) and desire to get some pleasure out of their remaining time, hospice services are a viable alternative.

Incredibly, Medicare does cover hospice services once the primary physician signs a form indicating she/he believes the patient is dying and cannot be 'made well.'

We will all miss Rose. She was one of those people who provided the glue to bind the whole family, and also the salve to heal life's abrasions. She will be missed. Her life is not something to be mourned, but should be celebrated, and that is exactly what we will be doing -- so here's to Rose!