Matt Wallace Has Opened an Online Sports Web'Zine

(posted 10/3/2005) - Matt has embarked on a side-career as a sports column editor and writer! He and 7 of his old college friends have opened a Chicago Sports centric web'zine.

They publish weekly commentary, humor, sports betting lines, and late 20's something angst as it relates to professional and college sports.

Much of the subject matter is Chicago Teams directed, even as the contributing staff have fled to the east coast and beyond.

If you like the site don't forget to add it your favorites (bookmarks for non-IE browser users) and revisit often. Just click on the image to the left to visit.

It is a fast changing, hard-hitting website: never wanting for opinions expressed with passion. Note that there is an "archives" page where you can catch up on all the featured articles or just browse the stories by writer.

As a separate note of interest. The website was entirely created and is maintained using the scripting tools (WCM Tools) that I created because I've been doing so many website designs of late and needed a better way to maintain them. All content is described in boxnames which are SSI'd into shtml files. The shtml files are themselves created and maintained using WCM Tools scripts. Kudo's to Matt for being such a willing Beta-Tester of the tools scripts! I hope they serve him well as he maintains going forward.