Pat Buys a New Ford Focus

(posted 7/18/05) - Jon and Pat visited their local Ford Dealer, Packey Webb, and took advantage of the Ford Family Plan and Factory Rebates to purchase a 2005 Focus SES today.

The US car makers are really hurting right now, and to reduce their inventory they are offering unprecedented discounts (10% off MSRP + $2500 rebates) on their 2005 cars. We ended up getting a Focus SES with such upscale items as:

  • 16-inch, wide profile alloy wheels,
  • Power Moon-Roof,
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel,
  • Cruise Control,
  • Heated Seats and Mirrors
  • Power windows / locks, with keyless entry,
  • air-conditioning, of course,
  • tachometer,
  • and, because the winters are cold and our cars sit out, an engine block heater.
The price of the car, without tax,title, destination charges was $14K -- so I give Ford 2-thumbs up for putting an affordable, well equiped vehicle in our hands!

Packey-Webb has done an outstanding job of servicing our family's Fords (Ranger, and a couple of Escorts) over the years; so we were happy to do business with them.

For all of you who moan about the cost of a new car these days, think about your salary during each of the years listed below and you'll see that actually it is cheaper to buy at the 'bottom' end of manufacturer's model lines now than it was 30 years ago!

Here's a list of the prices (sans tax, title, destination charges) of each of our family's new vehicle purchases:

  • 1976 Chevy LUV pickup - $3300;
  • 1981 Chevy Chevette - $4300.
  • 1984 Mazda B2000 - $7800,
  • 1989 Suburu DL Wagon - $9500.
  • 1992 Ford Ranger - $10,200.
  • 1999 Ford Escort - $9800.
  • 2005 Ford Focus - $14000.
As you can see, we've always gotten the lowest priced, least optioned vehicles available and they've worn like iron. These numbers don't count the used vehicles we bought for our kids during their college years.

I've always felt that since a car is a consumable item it is not reasonable to buy an upscale model that is just going to be depreciated down to junk in 10-12 years. Instead, I've applied a philosophy of buying the minimal amount that meets our needs -- and banked the difference.

That tradition is continuing with the Ford Focus; but this will be the first air-conditioned car with cruise control we've owned -- so we are growing soft in our dotage!