Jan Wallace Diagnosed with Gastric Ulcer

(posted 06/28/2005) - A Gastroscopy determined that Janice Wallace is suffering from two mild gastric ulcers, which account for the elevated C-reactive protein levels (inflammation indicator) in her blood serum.

The pictures showed two small lesions in the stomache which can be controlled with such medications as Prilosec (reduces acid generation).

Cultures taken of the stomache wall indicated the presence of H. Pylori, a bacterial infection which can be treated with a 7-day cocktail of Biaxin and Amoxycilan antibotics. A follow-on to keep the bug from reappearing is, of all things, daily ingestion of a tea spoon of Manuka honey. In any case, this appears to be an easily controlled condition.

My mom's weight has stabilized, she has actually gained 4 pounds and has been eating about 1500 calories/day for two weeks. Her fatigue appears reduced, so there is good reason to be optimistic that she is on a road toward healthy recovery.