Rose Anderson Moves Back Into Beacon Hill Apartment

(posted 3/16/2005) - Rose Anderson completed her post-surgical recovery at the BH Health Center today, and is moving back into her Beacon Hill Apartment.

After a quintuple coronary bypass procedure, Rose battled an insidious bowel infection known as Clostridium Difficiles (aka C. Diff) for two weeks which extended her stay in the healthcare facility out to 4 weeks.

She has now recovered and passed her physical 'exam' which insures she is ready to live independently again. This was a big milestone in her recovery. She can now walk > 100 yards without aides, is no longer using oxygen therapy, and has regained her strength to a level better than before the bypass operation.

Way to go Rose! Over the next few weeks, her daughters will provide assistance / coverage by staying with her as needed to insure her recovery continues to excelerate.

Here's a photo with Rose taken about 5 days ago, with flowers from Jan Wallace. Rose says to tell everyone how much she has appreciated their support during the last 6 weeks.

Rose's address is 2400 Beacon Hill, Apt. 135, Lombard, Il 60148. She moves back in on the 16th.