Matt Moves to Austin Texas to Attend UT McCombs Graduate Business School

(Posted 8/8/2004) - Matt Wallace moved from his Chicago Apartment in WrigleyVille to the Savannah Apartments north of downtown Austin Texas this week. We rented a 15-foot Budget Truck and drove 1200 miles in two-days, arriving Thursday evening, August 5th. Matt drove his pickup, while I drove the moving van.

We got a good nights rest, then with the help of two of Matt's friends Brian and Kevin Sobocinski (Brian lives about 25 miles north-east of Austin), we unloaded the truck Friday afternoon.

Here's a shot of Matt at the entrance to his apartment. He's on the 3rd (top) floor, and has a nice bedroom balcony that sits directly under the shade of a big 'ol tree. His apartment has two bedrooms and two full baths, a kitchen, dining-room, and living room. It appears to be a very nice apartment complex, if only Matt can figure out how to get his pass-card to operate the front gate at the entrance!

There was a freight elevator for moving heavy items. The dolly came in real handy for loading several hundered pounds of boxed-books.

For the lighter items, the stairs were the quickest route. Matt's apartment is right at the top of the landing -- so it's up the stairs and turn to the right.

Though there were boxes everywhere when Matt moved in, he had everything unpacked and looking livable by the next morning. He went to the local Target and bought some picture frames, a floor lamp, towels, soaps, liners for the cabinets, etc. He's turned into quite the expert homemaker over the years.

After several hours of sweaty work on Friday, the move was complete and the movers decided it was Miller Time. We headed over to the local watering hole for beers and really good Tex-Mex food.

Matt will start orientation on August 9th, with classes the following week. We wish him the best. Good luck in your studies, Matt!