Matt's 26th Birthday Celebration Held at Chicago's ChinaLite Restaurant

(Posted 5/01/2004) - Matt Wallace turned 26 on April 28th. He and the family got together at ChinaLite (in WrigleyVille) this weekend to celebrate.

Jon, Pat, Rose, and Matt celebrated his birthday with a great meal (General Hso's Chicken, Egg Foo Young, Pot Stickers, and Kung Pao Beef), before Matt opened gifts. Matt's gifts were all one theme -- a Canon Digital Camera, an additional (128Mbyte) memory chip for the camera, and a Ni/Metal Hydride battery pack and quick-charger. This was taken with Matt's new camera at the restaurant.

Matt promised to send the pictures he took with the camera right away. We dropped him off at his apartment after the celebration, and by the time we got home there were pictures waiting (emailed)!

Here's one Matt took at arm's length at home. He thinks the camera will be easy and fun to use. It is the smallest on the market, fitting into a shirt pocket, with no protruding lens (it uses an Internal zoom mechanism, the only one on the market to do so). Looks like hooking its USB interface to Matt's computer was a snap too.

Kathy was absent because she had to work at 'The House of Blues' over the weekend. But we managed to deliver her gift anyway (the batteries and charger). A good time was had by all.