Jon and Kathy Climbing the Walls (In Naperville)

(Posted 1-26-2002) -Bought indoor rock-climbing passes at a Naperville health club. Kathy and I have gone 3 times and it is an incredible workout. We use auto-belays so we can't easily tumble (the rope will automatically go taut if you fall, sorta like a seat belt). The 40-foot climb up the artificial rock walls is exhilerating - and wears you out quickly. We go for a morning session, which for me involves about 20 ups and downs before my arms give out. Kathy is a fantastic climber, and has shown a good sense for picking quick routes up the walls (there are over 3-dozen ropes to ascend very different wall features).

Kathy is now in her Junior year at UIC. She is majoring in Writing and English Literature; but enjoys psych and criminal law classes the most. Her car continues to accumulate miles (its at 160K now -- but we both hope it will get her through college.

Kathy has been working at a local fitness center (she lives in Oak Park). She teaches the aerobics classes and also does desk-type work (scheduling, phone coverage, receivables). She likes the folks there, and says the evening hours don't interfere with her school work much.

Matt is living in WrigleyVille, in Chicago; working at AllState Insurance as a system analysist and developer of software systems that support insurance transactions. He moved there from TenFold Software last summer. He is getting a lot of experience in the business community, and plans to use the experience (and the money) he is acquiring when he goes to graduate school in 2003 (MBA).

Pat continues to keep the books and do the HR record keeping at Nettoyer (aka Leslie) Car Wash, Detailing, and Budget Rentals. She really likes the folks there, and the feeling is reciprocal.

Pat and I have signed on to support Sandra Pihos's Campaign for IL State Representative (42nd District, on the Republican ticket). Pat is the voter database analyst and campaign fund manager (treasurer). I put together the Campaign WebSite and am managing it going forward. It has been time-consuming, but fun. Getting paid for the effort doesn't hurt either.

Been visiting my Mom more often now that the daily job isn't in the way. Here's a picture of her ZX3 coupe after it was detailed (Christmas Gift). Last time I was down Doris, my Mom, and I went to Coles County to visit the Lincoln Farm -- this is where Abe's father and step-mother lived out their lives. It includes a really well managed visiter center showing movies, with a museum, in addition to the farm. In summer months there are even actors who go through harvesting, spinning, cooking, etc. in character, as historical characters (Lincoln family and neighbors).

That's it for now -- I'll try to update this every couple of months (or as news of interest breaks).